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April 13th will be Harley’s 4th Birthday

First I’m sure there is something to all that stuff of for every human year a dog lives they actually age 7 in dog years. However I choose to look at it all in one way. One day, one month, one year at a time. This coming Thursday is my Harley’s 4th birthday!

In April 2012 my Dad passed away. Around mid-July that year Lee suggested I get a dog for myself. My Shelby had passed the year before and at the time we had Buddy (Dad’s dog) and Dexter (Lee’s dog). He wanted me to have a cuddler of my own. We found a group that had 3 sisters up for adoption, Harley was one of them. I scheduled a day for them to bring her out for a meet and greet with us and the two dogs. She got along with them famously! The rescue group didn’t know her exact date of birth but their vet took an educated guess. So I spoke with our vet and she and I did some calcuating and come up with the best bet for Harley’s birthday, April 13th! As with many of the breeds in the pit bull category she is funny, rambuncous, talkative, and bossy. AND OH YEAH!!! Too smart for her own good!

So to you my Sweetie P! My Pumpkin Doodle! My Honey Bunny! My Miss Wooooo! My Baby Girl! My…Harley Woo!

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