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What A Week! Good and Bad, but you don’t have one without the other!

On Friday April 8th I woke up feeling okay, but once I got out for a quick errand I immediately started to feel like death warmed over! Friday evening my “Ladies who Like to Lunch” group called off the next days get together. There were too many needing to work and quite a few feeling just as icky as me. However, I had promised my neice, Lexie a round of thrift shopping and some lunch. So we did our shopping and headed home. That is where we met up with Rebecca and we made our plans for the next morning’s sewing class. It was to be our first.

I got a good night sleep and woke early enough to get myself together and then we all headed out at 9:30am. We had supplies we needed to buy before the class so I wanted to make she we had enough time to find everything. We did! Class was 3.5 hours and it flew by! I was able to sew several straight lines and I learned to create a turned corner. Then after the practicing we made some nice but simple eye glass cases!

We had so much fun we have signed up for 2 more sewing classes. In the first class we will be making pajama pants. In the second we are going to learn to work with stretchy material and we will be making gloves! I have some personal projects I’m going to work on when I have time. I’m going to sew some pillow cases and also make some throw pillows.

If you are interested in learning to sew, I highly recomment taking classes at the Jo-Ann’s in Sugar Land. They are the best!

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