Meet My Dad

I always found it odd that my Dad passed away on April Fool’s day, 2012. Daddy always had a good sense of humor but I know he didn’t pick this date to go. He honestly felt he wasn’t going any where. He said the only one who thought he was going to die was me and the doctor. He was always pratical and he always had faith. I try to have the same faith as him and I try to be practical just like him. You can say it…I wanted to be just like him.

A year before he got sick, KHOU Channel 11 here in Houston was doing a medical piece on the super flu shots they were recommending for senior citizens. They chose to film at Kelsey Seybold’s main campus on Holcombe which is about a block from the Randall’s grocery store where Dad worked. The video here is the story they did. After Dad passed I wrote the station and told them that I had no recording of my dad  that would hold a rememberance of his voice. A week later a DVD showed up in the mail! How is that for human kindness!

If you have never met my Dad, may I introduce Arnold J Tomac. John or Johnny to everyone!