Aside from cooking there is always some kind of creative arts and crafts that I like trying. Most of the time I have the attention spam of a 2 year old but when I find I am good at something I keep at it!

Right now my “thing” is sewing! My sister-in-law and I are even taking a sewing class in a few weeks on the basics of sewing, and I hope after that I’m still interested enough that I will take a couple of more! I don’t want to make a whole wardrobe or anything but being able to make some stuff would be great for gifts and etc. After the class I will probably write about it here, so be on the lookout for that experience!

Another interest of mine is Lampworking, the art of making glass beads. I have the basic setup to start with (I still need a kiln) but I developed some limited movement in my left hand (trigger finger: actually 2 fingers) just about the time I got my setup so I had to take a step back on this one. I hope when the day comes that I can get my hand fixed that I will go back to the Lampworking. I really love the beauty of the beads! The thing that got me interested in making the beads was someone introduced me to jewelry making and I was spending a ton on beads and then one day I thought what if I can make my own beads? Needless to say the left hand issue hinders me when making jewelry but I have a few projects I have gathered the supplies for and will hopefully get around to and when I do, if I like the out come I will definitely share!