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Sometimes Feeling A Little Lonely


One of my favorite pages shared this picture today (Southern Love and Blessings). When I saw it I thought “I’d love to be sitting somewhere like that!” Then a question popped into my head…”If I could restart my life at a certain point, where would that be?” The answer would be when I was about 12 or 13. I loved the summers we had back then. We’d go on vacations to visit Daddy’s side of the family. Mom and I would go to movies together. Donna and I still didn’t get along much but we still had each other. The holidays meant spending time with Mom’s side of the family. I LOVED spending time with my cousins. Kaphan’s was closed on Wednesdays so summer time I got to spend time with Daddy, during the rest of the year I’d spend the rest of the day with him after school. I had my favorite radio back then and I listened to my favorite pop station reading my mystery books. We spent TONS of time at the YWCA pool in the summer. Fall meant the elementary school Halloween carnival, with cake and pie walks, dunking booths, apple bobbing, etc. I wouldn’t change anything…I’d just like to go back and be with all my loved ones and share those good times again. Sometimes, it’s just very lonely when most of the family is gone and the others are so far away.