I love eating out! And I have friends who LOVE to eat out as well. I even belong to a group from my old high school where a bunch of us ladies get together once a month just to catch up over lunch! It is so much fun and I have reconnected with some really great people!

When it comes to restaurants, I will be reviewing places I have personally and recently ate at. I am in no way a professional food critic. I’m just a foodie who likes to share what I have experienced so that maybe others will benefit. I will rate the restaurant mainly based on the food. However I know the food is not the only thing that can make or break your experience at a restaurant. I also know that just because one server in the restaurant is bad doesn’t mean all of them are. My father and uncle owned a well known restaurant here in Houston for many years so I have been taught to expect certain things from the wait staff.

As soon as I come up with my rating system I will post here how it works.